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WayPoint for Windows FAQ's:

Will Waypoint for Windows run under Windows 7?

WayPoint for Windows v3.01a will NOT run on the latest 64-bit versions of Windows 7.   It is a 16-bit software program which will only run on 32-bit systems.

Microsoft does provide an XP-Mode compatibility free update to Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise). This add-on allows the earlier windows programs to run on 64-bit.    Download Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC

Development is underway to upgrade the software to be compatible with Windows 7.  
Once available, we will post information on the release.
An Illegal Function crash occurs on some computers in the Passage Update or Departure/Arrival modules.

This problem occurs on computers that have the system Time set to (24) hour display format.   If you have been encountering the program crash in Waypoint for Windows you will need to change the system time format to (12) hour display.  Waypoint for Windows will process the time correctly in (24) format.

Windows 98/SE
     1.  Go to your Control Panel
     2.  Open the Regional Settings
     3.  Click on the Time setting tab
     4.  Change the time uppercase (H) option to lowercase (h).
          (If the time format is already set, then reverse the option.)

Windows XP
     1.  Start >> Control Panel
     2.  Open Regional & Language Options
     3.  In the Regional Options Tab, click the [Customize] button
     4.  Select the [Time] tab
     5.  Change 24 hr mode [uppercase (H)] to 12 hr mode [lowercase (h)]
     6.  Apply

Will Waypoint for Windows run on a network?

No.  Waypoint for Windows is not a network compatible program.   If your vessel is set up on a network, you will need to install Waypoint for Windows on each computer that you intend to run the program on.

To operate on a network, you can create a dedicated route directory and share it so that each pc equipped with Waypoint can access those files.
Why are Zone Descriptions west of GMT positive and those east of GMT negative?

By definition the Zone Description is applied to the local time to obtain GMT.  Therefore when west of GMT, the ZD is added to local time, and when east of GMT the ZD is subtracted.
Does Waypoint have the capability to export the waypoint tables and data?

WayPoint does not export waypoint routes to other formats.  Waypoint positions and route data stored in the library can be saved to disk in various NMEA formats.
Does Waypoint come with waypoint libraries?

Waypoint for Windows does not provide a database library of existing waypoints.  It allows mariners to create libraries of waypoints for their specific vessel to be used in conjunction with routes.
Why are my GPS course/distance calculations different than Waypoint for Windows on some calculations?

Check your GPS to see how the calculation between the current position and destination position are being calculated.   Most GPS units only calculate using the great circle without the option of calculating a mercator between the positions.  Be aware that on some units where you have the option of selecting the mercator or great circle, that selecting one option will calculate the entire route in that mode.  If this is the case, then the GPS unit will differ if your Waypoint for Windows route includes track legs alternating between GC and RL options.
Will Waypoint for Windows sort my library positions?

Waypoint for Windows does not currently sort library positions.  The purpose of the library is to store positions frequently used in your routes.  Positions are stored in the library so that they will mimic the layout of routes used by your vessel for placement in the gps.  By keeping them in a standard numerical order the positions can be used over and over as well as edited without changing the position in the library.  If the positions were to be sorted, whether alphabetically or by coordinate, the route struture would not be set as in the gps, nor would they be lined up by route.
I'm unable to send GPS names of waypoints to my Magellan 5000DLX.  Whenever I upload or download waypoints the waypoint names show up as ?W001, ?W002, etc.

Beginning with version 2.04, Waypoint for Windows now uploads the gps name for the selected library waypoint.   The Magellan gps sorts the libraries alphabetically, whereas Waypoint keeps the library in numerical order.  When downloading, the Magellan gps transfers the data in numerical order.  Earlier versions of Waypoint transferred library waypoints to the gps using a "W001, W002,..." format to keep the alphabetical display in sequence with the numerical.  This has been changed to maintain the gps name as defined by the user.
 Note: The Magellan gps unit will not accept duplicate names.  Also, if there are spaces in the name field, the remainder of the name will be truncated by the gps unit.  Magellan gps units do not accept spaces in the library field.
Will Waypoint for Windows run under Windows 95?

WayPoint for Windows will run under Windows 3.1x, Win95 / 98 and XP, it will also run under Windows NT -- note that network installations will not work properly as Waypoint is not a networked program.  Although Waypoint can run on a 386-SX, we recommend that you have at least a 386-25mhz with 4 meg of ram.
Will Waypoint transfer library waypoints and routes to my Garmin GPS?

At present Waypoint for Windows does not support the Garmin GPS models.  WayPoint for Windows provides a NMEA-0183 compatibility with GPS libraries which the Garmin GPS units do not provide.  There is a built-in support for the Trimble NavTrac/NT200D units, Magellan DLX5000/10 units and Leica(Magnavox) MX series units.  With Waypoint's Custom NMEA Sentence Builder, you can create customized NMEA-0183 compatible sentences for many other units that do accept this protocol.

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