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APD:  The Articles Personnel Data Suite FAQ's:

What do I need to run the APD Suite files?

The APD Suite files are customized Excel spreadsheets.   To use these files you will need to have MS Office installed or MS Excel.   The APD files were originally written in Excel 97 format and customized to operate in Excel 97, Excel 2000 and Excel XP.  

You will also need to make sure that your macro settings are not turned off.   The APD Suite files must be able to run all macros to work properly.  

Tools > Macro > Security:  Set the Security Level option to Medium or Low.   The Medium security level will give you the option to turn macros on or off.
How do you install the APD Suite?

Installing and Removing the Promar Software's customized workbooks is easy.   To install, just copy the workbook files to a folder that you use for your Excel files.   To remove, just delete the files.

You can also create shortcuts of the files and place them in a specific data folder used for your vessel's clerical files.

Once copied to your computer, the APD files will have to be registered for use.   Always open the main Articles_Personnel_Data.xls file first.  The first time that the Suite is used you will be required to enter your name and registration number.   Each component APD file that is opened for the first time will require an activation.   Once registered and activated the APD Suite is ready for use.
How do the Export features work on the Crew List files?

The Export features on the Crew List files create a copy of the specific crew list and save it to a separate file.   This is an excellent feature within the APD Suite to make copies of the Crew List so it can be transmitted by email without having to send the entire workbook.   When you export a Crew List the APD information is converted to a stand alone file which is non-linked and macro free.   The new file is also smaller in size which makes it easier to send as an email attachment.

Why don't the APD menu buttons work?

The APD Suite consists of customized Excel files which utilize macros to automate much of the program features.   The Security setting for Excel should be set at either Medium or Low, although Medium is recommended.   A High setting will disable the macro features.  The Medium security level will give you the option to turn macros on or off.

To check the security setting:  Tools > Macro > Security: (High/Med/Low)

You will also need to make sure that your macro settings are not turned off.   The APD Suite files must be able to run all macros to work properly.  

Tools > Macro > Security:  Set the Security Level option to Medium or Low.  

Can the files be saved under different names?

Except for the master APD file, all supporting workbooks can be saved with different names to make match your vessel's file naming structure.  In fact, you can have multiple workbooks saved under different names.   However, this should be kept to a minimum in order to make the suite of workbooks easier to manage.

Tip:  If you find that you are frequently changing the Broker names on the US Crew List, save the file under different names:
      US_West_CrewList.xls      Guam_CrewList.xls      US_Gulf_CrewList.xls

The APD Suite works best when you minimize the amount of time spent changing vessel, broker and port information.   This method provides you a file that only needs the date and personnel to be updated.
Are the files protected?

Yes.  The APD Suite files are protected to provide version control and minimize corrupted files.   They have been designed with a standard interface so that you only need to use the macro buttons.  

Although file protected, you must keep in mind that you should not use Cut & Paste nor Copy & Paste methods on the unprotected entry cells.  This runs the risk of moving cell formats to different parts of the template.  It also can corrupt the file and prevent the macros from resetting and updating the files.

How do I adjust the screen display?

The APD Suite workbooks were designed for optimum display on a monitor using a resolution setting of 1040x768.  If your monitor resolution is on a different setting this will result in workbooks displaying as too large or small.

Option 1:  Zoom Setting
Change the zoom setting for each workbook page in the Excel menu:  
View >> Zoom >> (---%)

Save the workbook to keep the changes made.

Option 2:  Screen Resolution
The Zoom option will require every workbook page to be adjusted.  Changing the screen resolution setting to 1040x768 will display the workbooks as they were designed.   Note, however that this may affect how other programs display.
Right-click on Desktop >> Properties >> Settings >> Screen Resolution >> 1040x768

Do you provide fleet wide licensing?

Yes.  The APD Suite is available for multi-user licensing.   For more information, please contact Promar Software.

Do you customize workbooks?

Yes.  Included in the download section are examples of other custom workbooks used for regulatory and miscellaneous vessel use.

The advantage of the APD Suite is that it is designed with individual workbooks linked to the main APD file.  As forms become obsolete or replaced with new ones, workbooks can be customized and added with links to the main APD file.

Automating and simplifying workbook design provides efficient data entry software with benefits.

Software training is minimal;
Data entry of personnel information is standardized;
Many forms can quickly be modified as changes occur.

If you have forms that can benefit with customization to the APD suite, please contact Promar Software for more information.

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