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Promar Software General FAQ's:

Will the software run on Windows 7?

Waypoint for Windows (v3.01a) & Skymate Pro (v1.05) will NOT run on the latest 64-bit versions of Windows 7.   They are 16-bit software program which only run on 32-bit systems.

Microsoft does provide an XP-Mode compatibility compatibility free update to Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise). This add-on allows the earlier windows programs to run on 64-bit.    Download Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC

The new version of Skymate Pro 2012 will run on Windows 7.   It is now in pre-release user Beta testing.  
For more information on Skymate Pro 2012 and scheduled release [Click Here]
Do I need to mail in my Registration Card?

Your registration card is the identifier which links you to your software serial number.   By registering your software we can easily assist you in the event you lose your serial number.   Note, you are automatically registered if you purchase the software directly from Promar Software.  

Promar Software does not distribute contact information to third parties nor engage in spamming email methods.   We respect the privacy of our users.
How do I contact Promar Software?
Fax:  1.858.565.8405

I would rather not order your software over the internet, where else can I purchase the software?

Our online site provides a secure encrypted connection to safeguard your information.   We understand and respect that not everyone is comfortable providing credit card information over the internet.

The following is a list of vendors who currently stock and sell our Waypoint for Windows and Skymate Pro software:

West Coast Gulf Coast East Coast
Captain's Nautical
Safe Navigation
Baker, Lyman & Co. Maryland Nautical Sales

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