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Sextant   Skymate Pro
The Navigator's Almanac
Nautical Almanac & Celestial for the Professional Mariner
Version:   1.05

* * * * * WINDOWS 7 USERS PLEASE READ! * * * * *
Skymate Pro v1.05 is NOT compatible with the latest 64-bit Windows 7 operating system.   It is a 16-bit software program which only run on 32-bit systems.

Microsoft does provide an XP-Mode compatibility compatibility free update to Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise). This add-on allows the earlier windows programs to run on 64-bit.    Download Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC


The updated version of Skymate Pro is now available in a pre-release beta test version.   This new version is compatible with Windows7 (32 & 64 bit).  

For more information check out Skymate Pro 2012  

Container Ship Skymate Pro:  The Navigator's Almanac is a computerized Nautical Almanac. Using an internal almanac for the years 1900-2100, Skymate Pro will provide Mariners the accurate information needed for celestial navigation at sea.

To maximize the full potential of Skymate Pro, the user should have a working knowledge and proficiency in the terminology and skills of celestial navigation.
Skymate Pro uses date/time information entered into a DR Toolbar to calculate a number of various almanac functions. The flexibility of the DR Toolbar allows the user to quickly change date/time and position information for the various celestial functions available.  Although features are available to project a DR position to various times and dates, the program does not require you to maintain a DR position in order to calculate the various celestial functions.
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* * * Primary Features! * * * * Primary Features! * * * * Primary Features! * * *
Ship's Wheel   Skymate Pro provides the following almanac information for:
  • Almanac years 1900-2100

  • Sun and Moon

  • Navigation Planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

  • 57 Primary navigation stars as listed in the daily pages of the Nautical Almanac

  • Polaris

  • 115 Auxiliary stars, as indexed in the Nautical Almanac

  • Times of Rise, Set and Transit for each selected body

  • Star Finder chart displays

  • Predicted solar and lunar eclipses for a given year

  • Calendar display of the moon's phases for a given year

  • Calculates compass error

  • Calculates a fix from a set of LOP's - Lines of Positions taken with a marine sextant

  • Calculate Great Circle, Composite, Rhumb Line and multiple DR solutions.

  • Print professional looking reports!

* * * Skymate Pro * * * * Why Use Skymate Pro? * * * * Skymate Pro * * *
  • Skymate Pro provides quick and easy almanac calculations

  • Visual star charts calculate locations of stars quickly for AM/PM startime fixes.

  • Professionals add it to your arsenal of software tools as a navigation backup

  • Casual boaters will benefit by using Skymate Pro as a refresher to improve on celestial skills

  • Excellent teaching tool for instructors of celestial navigation

  • Use to sort through celestial projects submitted by students

  • The user friendly Windows interface makes Skymate Pro an all-purpose celestial program

  • Calculations are independent of the vessel's DR passage providing the user with a flexible celestial program.

  • Skymate Pro is Y2K compliant

  • Best of All - It's easy to learn and use!

* * * *       D O W N L O A D  /   O R D E R      S O F T W A R E     * * * *
Please Read Before Downloading

Skymate Pro is provided as shareware.  The shareware version is a fully functional program allowing you to test the program prior to purchasing the registered version.

An additional option for ordering our software is through SWREG (Digibuy), which provides secure online ordering options for Electronic Delivery of software.

Software minimum requirements:  
Windows 3.1, 386 cpu, 4mb ram (preferably 8mb), 3mb disk space, mouse.

Download Skymate Pro
v1.05 File size:    1,062kb


      Shareware Version
  • Fully functional program
  • Online help - Not fully context
  • Program configurations are not saved
  • Limited to (5) LOP's on star sights
  • Limited access to the Auxiliary stars

      Registered Version
      The Registered version of SkyMate Pro offers
      many additional features not found in the
      Shareware version.

      Additional features...
  • Detailed printed manual
  • Full context online help
  • Up to 25 LOP's for star sights
  • Save program configurations
  • Full access to entire star list
  • Zoom feature on horizon star chart
  • Product discounts

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* * * * * Registered Users Information * * * * *
If you have already registered a copy of Skymate Pro, you can get the latest version by visiting this site often to download the most recent update.

The current version is v1.05.

* * * * * Release Information for International Users * * * * *
Ship's Wheel Ship's Wheel
Version 1.03 of Skymate Pro fixed a bug that affected calculations to various almanac calculations on PC systems set to various International Settings in Windows.

These almanac functions conflicted with the International/Regional Date Settings in Windows which caused the program to crash or calculate improperly.  If you are still using an early version you should download the latest version.

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