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Software Library for Mariners

Route Management & Navigation Software
[info]  [download]  [------]    Waypoint for Windows (v3.01a) --> 16-bit version   
[NOTE: Does not run on 64-bit systems: Windows7, Vista, etc]

Celestial Navigation Software
[info]  [download]  [------]    Skymate Pro (v1.05) --> 16-bit version (Original version)
[NOTE: Does not run on 64-bit systems: Windows7, Vista, etc]

[info]  [download]   Skymate Pro 2012 [Beta 3-2016-G] --> [NEW VERSION!]

Personnel Management Software - [Now available]
[Customized Excel workbooks]
[info]                    [------]    (APD) - Articles Personnel Data Suite
1. APD - Shipping Articles (CG705)
2. APD - Cert. of Discharge (CG718)
3. APD - Crew List: US (I418)
4. APD - Crew List: USCG - NVMC
5. APD - Crew List: Hong Kong
6. APD - Crew List: IMO/Misc
7. APD - Custom Declarations (US 5129)

[info]  [download]  Demo - US Crew List: US I418
[info]  [download]  Demo - Cert. of Discharges: CG718

US Customs Port Entry Software - [Free]   v1.03
[Customized Excel workbooks]
[info]  [download]  CF1303 - Ships Stores Declaration (5 port template)

USCG 729 Software - [Free]   v1.00
[Customized Excel workbooks]

[info]  [download]  Report of Crew Shortage  (rev 11/06)    [PDF]    [Master]

Customized spreadsheet template files now available.

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