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Comments from our Users

Our navigation software is used by mariners from around the world.   See what some of our users are saying about Waypoint for Windows.

Container Ship

Container Ship

* * * Waypoint For Windows * * *
2/Officer - LNG Carrier
United States

"I've enjoyed using my copy of Waypoint for Windows.   I look forward to the updated version."

Captain - Containership - Worldwide

"The program is really proving its worth now and is becoming a great aid on the ship I'm on..."


"...I have to congratulate you on this programme.  
I never have seen anything similar.  
This programme is a professional help for all necessary navigational work which I have to deal with, and makes life and work very pleasant."

Chief Officer - Containership
United States

"Thank You for Waypoint for Windows!"

Master - Small ocean going vessel - Atlantic

"Came across your program, try-out period almost
run out.   Just ordered my own copy of it.   Especially like the voyage preparation scheme as required by ISM standard.
Makes the preparation a lot easier."

Quarter Master / Navigator
US Navy

"Waypoint for Windows is the greatest tool for a navigator and quartermaster.  You guys should be proud of yourselves and I commend you on such an incredible program."
2/Officer - General Cargo
United States

"...Panama Canal to Manila...Singapore..several ports in the Mid-East...Cape Town...New Orleans.... My first real around the world trip.  Waypoint for Windows is working great and a real help for this 2/m on these new Routes."

2/Officer - Pacific Ocean - Container Ships
United States

"I have found the Waypoint for Windows program to be very helpful setting up for new runs.  I have personally used the program for three change of runs over the past three years.  It really helps keep me organized."

Chief Officer/ Master - Pacific Ocean

"Have found your software to be EXCELLENT"


"I've been using Waypoint for Windows for several years now and consider it the only software out there for the professional seaman."

Australia --

"I've just downloaded and installed ver 3 of Waypoint and it looks great.   The ability to create AUSREP reports will be very useful to me."

2/Officer - Tankers - Atlantic

"Let me take this oppurtunity to thank your company for your excellent software that you made for us mariners.  Your products are of great help to us especially the WayPoint for Windows.   As a navigating officer of an ETHYLENE CARRIER, it really helps me a lot on preparing the passage planning for the voyage."

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