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APD - Crew List  
Security (NVMC)

A Component file of the APD Suite of Workbooks

* * * * *  A P D  -  C R E W  L I S T  ( N V M C )  * * * * *
APD - Crew List (NVMC)
The USCG requires vessels calling on US ports to provide a 96-hour Notice of Arrival message.   The original format used an Excel based crew list for the NOA submittal.  Although the USCG and Department of Homeland Security now use a different submittal format, the APD NVMC crew list can still be used as an optional security crew list for the terminal FSO.

The APD suite NVMC security Crew List is automatically linked to the master APD data file

The APD NVMC Crew List file has an easy menu structure which allows the user to quickly update, print and export copies of the Crew List.

Personnel Data
Personnel information is automatically linked to the master APD data file.  

Exporting Crew Lists
The APD System has an advanced feature for automatically Exporting a standalone, non-linked Crew List to a separate file.  Once a Crew List has been exported, it can be saved to a file and sent as an email attachment.

The Export feature is fast and easy.  The APD System provides an Export feature for many of the Crew Lists included in the suite of workbooks.

Print - Fax - Email
Export and Save crew lists to a stand-alone file.  The APD System is flexible - - - Email, Fax or Print your crew lists - - - fast and easy!   

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