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APD - Crew List:  
U.S.  I-418

A Component file of the APD Suite of Workbooks

* * *  A P D  -  C R E W   L I S T    U S     ( I - 4 1 8 )  * * *
APD - Crew List U.S. (I-418)
The APD US Crew List module provides an updated version of the I-418 US Crew List.   Crew information can quickly be sorted and displayed by Article # or Alphabetically.   For vessels entering from foreign ports, crewmember customs declaration numbers can be quickly toggled on and off and printed as required by the US Customs.  
Personnel information is linked to the master APD file but can also be manually changed once updated.   For ease of use, this file can be copied and renamed for different ports when the page 1 listing of brokers needs to be modified. Because the crew information is linked to the master APD file the copies are easily maintained.

Vessel Setup
One time setup of vessel particulars used on the printing of the Seaman's discharge.   

Personnel Data
Personnel information is automatically linked to the master APD data file.  The information is updated to a flexible table which is used to sort the crew by Article # or by Last Name.  Macro buttons are available for a one-click sorting of the ship's crew.

The Crew List display is linked to the updated table.  The display has options for including Declaration #'s (for US Customs) and Article #.

Broker information
Arrival information, proposed US voyage itinerary and Broker listing are entered on page 1 of the Crew List.     

Passenger List
In addition to a crew list, the APD - Crew List (I418) also includes a Passenger list.   Information is manually entered on the Passenger list.

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APD Demo Version

The demo version of the APD US Crew List is a fully functional crew list workbook.   Crew personnel information must be entered manually as the demo version is not linked to any other file.  

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