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(APD) Articles Personnel Data File

The Master Data File for the APD Suite of Workbooks

* * * * *  T H E    M A S T E R   D A T A    F I L E  * * * * *
APD - Master data file
The APD Master data file maintains 37 personnel pages for the management of the ship's Master and up to 36 crew members.   This information is linked to the other supporting APD workbook files.  

Personnel information is entered and maintained in the APD Master data file.   The voyage start date and sign on information is entered in this file.

Data Pages
Each crew member is entered into their respective Article # data page.   The Data Page holds the personnel information pertaining to Addresses, Next of Kin, Rating and Documentation.  

Ratings & Wages
A Table of Ratings and Wages provides the links to the component workbooks:  Wages for the CG-705 Shipping Articles;  Ratings for all supporting workbooks.   Ratings are entered in Short and Long form.
Short form:  For printing on Crew Lists and Shipping Articles
Long form:  For printing on the Certificate of Discharges.

Personnel Page
The Personnel page is a one page view of the ship's crew.  The Voyage Start Date is entered on this page.  Override cells are provided for each crew member to allow for mid-voyage signons.  This information is linked to the Shipping Articles.
Custom Declaration Numbers
US Custom Dec #'s for the individual Seaman's Declarations are entered in a single column on the Personnel Page.  This information is linked as an option to the US Crew Lists.

Archive Table
The APD Master Data File has an Archive Table which is used to save personnel information when a crew member is discharged.  This is a useful feature for saving permanent crew and frequent rotary crew members.  Each Data Page has a macro option to save that page to the Archive Table.  The Archive Table is a simple data table that can be easily edited when personnel information changes.

Retrieve Data
Personnel saved in the Archive Table can be quickly retrieved and copied to their designated Article # data page.  

Transfer Data
Crew members can be quickly transferred from one Data Page to another when changing Article #.   This is a useful feature when carrying cadets and apprentices, or when a Rating is promoted or changed to another watch.

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