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(APD) Articles Personnel Data Suite
Version 1.02

Customized Personnel Management Excel Workbooks
For the Ship's Master

Scheduled release date:   Now Shipping!

* * * * *  T H E    A P D    S Y S T E M  * * * * *
The (APD) Articles Personnel Data System is a comprehensive toolkit of customized and automated Excel workbooks designed for effective personnel management on board the ship.  

The APD System provides the ship's Master with an efficient and easy to use set of programs to generate a variety of Crew Lists, Shipping Articles and other forms frequently used on foreign voyages.  

The APD System of workbooks has been tested in the Pacific service between Asia and U.S. West Coast ports for over two years.   The programs have a standardized interface using a full menu system with macro functionality.   Crew personnel information is linked from the master APD file to all the supporting workbooks.

The workbooks provide a flexible operating environment for users equipped with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel.

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* * * * *  IS   THE   (APD)   SYSTEM   FOR   ME?  * * * * *
Are you burdened with time consuming paperwork?

Are you using an inefficient personnel program?

Is your personnel software User Friendly?
  ...Easy to use? ...Easy to learn? ...Standardized?

Does your personnel software generate professional looking documents?    ...effectively?

Promar Software's (APD) Articles Personnel Data Suite is easy to use!
If your vessel and company uses Microsoft Office on the Windows (98/XP, etc) operating platforms and is able to run Excel workbook files in macro format . . .

. . . A N D . . .

If you are looking for an effective toolkit of files that will help you manage Crew Lists, Shipping Articles, Certificate of Discharges and Customs Declarations fast and easy, then the APD Suite is the software for your vessel.

The advantage of using Promar Software's APD Suite is that the workbooks are modular in design.  Depending on your vessel's needs, you can use one or all workbooks in the suite.  Each workbook is designed using the same menu structure of navigation buttons to automate the programs.  They are easy to use, flexible and reliable.

The APD Suite can be expanded with additional workbooks without affecting the existing component workbooks.

* * * * What is the APD System? * * * *
The (APD) Articles Personnel Data Suite:

1. Articles Personnel Data - Master File

2. CG705 Shipping Articles & Particulars of Discharge - FULL

3. CG705 Shipping Articles & Particulars of Discharge - SINGLE

4. Certificates of Discharge (CG718A)

5. Certificates of Discharge (CG718A) - SINGLE

6. Crew List: US I418

7. Crew List: Security (USCG NVMC)

8. Crew List: Hong Kong

9. Crew List: US (old) & IMO

10. Custom Declarations: US & Generic

APD - Master data file
The APD Master data file maintains 37 personnel pages for the management of the ship's Master and up to 36 crew members.   This information is linked to the other supporting APD workbook files.  
Personnel information is entered and maintained in the APD Master data file.   The voyage start date and sign on information is entered in this file.

Shipping Articles (CG 705)
Two modules are now available:
(1) Traditional - Full Crew
(2) Individual - Single Crew
The Shipping Articles workbook maintains and prints a full or partial set of the Shipping Articles (CG 705). An easy to use Add-On feature is provided to allow add-ons to be entered on any page and in specific locations.  Crew information is linked to the master APD file and displayed by linking to the Article number for each crew member.
A full set of Particulars of Discharge can be printed in full or partial mode. This section is manually entered.

Added in 2014: The Individual APD Articles workbook which combines the Engagement & Discharge portion of the Shipping Articles on one page (standard 8-1/2 x 11). This is a nice option to use when operating in the coastwise trade or with a large turnover of crewmembers spread out over a period of time.

APD - Certificates of Discharge (CG 718A)
Two modules are now available:
(1) Traditional - 3 copy
(2) Single Page
The Traditional APD Certificate of Discharge workbook prints (3) three identical copies of the CG-718A Seaman's Discharge. A very flexible module to the APD suite, the discharges can be processed in a variety of ways allowing for single and multiple printings.  
Discharges can be custom serialized for the vessel and voyage; partial printing allowing for Sign-On and Sign-Off options.  Discharges are printed to Legal size paper.  
Promar Software also has available customized perforated blank discharge templates for sale.   These are packaged 100/pack.

Added in 2014: The Single Page APD Certificate of Discarge workbook prints a standard sized sheet Discharge (CG718A rev 05/12). This single page version has a simple to use interface.
Unlike the Traditional Discharge workbook, Discharge Templates are not required for this module and therefore not available. Standard sized (8-1/2 x 11) sheet paper is the designed printout.

US Crew List (I-418)
The APD US Crew List quickly displays the crew information sorted by Article # or Alphabetically.   For vessels entering from foreign ports, crewmember customs declaration numbers can be quickly toggled on and off and printed as required by the US Customs.  
Personnel information is linked to the master APD file but can also be manually changed once updated.   For ease of use, this file can be copied and renamed for different ports when the page 1 listing of brokers needs to be modified. Because the crew information is linked to the master APD file the copies are easily maintained.

Crew List: USCG NVMC
Originally setup as an Excel based crew list for the USCG NVMC 96-hour NOA submittals, the APD (NVMC) Crew List can be used for terminal security use.  Crew information from the master APD file is linked to the NVMC form.  
Export it! The APD NVMC Security crew list can be printed or exported.  Using the automated menu system, a stand-alone crew list can be exported to a separate file which can then be saved and sent as an email attachment to the terminal FSO or vessel agent.

Crew List: Hong Kong
The APD Hong Kong Crew List can be manually setup or automatically updated with personnel information.   Crew information from the master APD file is linked to the Hong Kong crew list form.  
Export it! The APD Hong Kong crew list can be printed or exported.  Using the automated menu system, a stand-alone crew list can be exported to a separate file which can then be saved and sent as an attached file to the ship's agent.

Crew List: US (Old) & IMO
The APD Misc Crew List file provides multiple options for printing an IMO accepted Crew List or the old style (legal size paper) US Crew List.  Crew information from the master APD file is linked to the worksheet pages for the crew lists.  
Personnel can be sorted by Article number or Alphabetically.  A variety of options is available for displaying full or minimal personnel information.
Options for crew and passenger printings are available.  
Export it! The APD Misc crew lists can be printed or exported.  Using the automated menu system, a stand-alone crew list can be exported to a separate file which can then be saved and sent as an attached file to the ship's agent.

Crew Custom Declarations
The APD Declarations workbook provides template printing for the US Custom Declarations (CF 5129).
The template pages print the crew information on CF5129 versions '96 and '01.
An IMO and Generic full crew custom declaration list is available for use in foreign ports that accept this style.

Need Certificate of Discharges?
Using the Certificate of Discharge (CG718) workbook you can print a set of Seaman's Discharges on standard Legal Size paper.  

However, for Professional looking quality discharges, Promar Software has available customized blank Discharge template paper designed for use with the APD Certificate of Discharge workbook.  

Note: Available for the Traditional (3-copy) module only! These will not work on the newer Single page Discharge workbook.
Packaged in 100 Discharge templates per packet, our LF-718 Discharge paper is a premium bond, perforated for clean easy separation, and available in three colors: Light Gray, Light Green, White.

During the test period we found that alternating colors for voyages helped with the management of printing and distribution of the Discharges.   This was evident when doing simultaneous Sign Off and Sign On printings.  By using alternating colors, there was less confusion on which Discharges were to be used.

Promar Software's LF718 Discharge Template paper:

100 discharges per packet.  Discharges are sold 4 packets/Box:   $40.00 box 

* * * *     D O W N L O A D     S O F T W A R E     * * * *
Please Read Before Downloading

The (APD) Articles Personnel Data Suite of workbooks is not shareware.

Promar Software does provide as shareware two independent files that can be downloaded for evaluation purposes:
      US Crew List (I418)
      Certificate of Discharge (718A)

These are the non-linked versions of the more comprehensive APD Suite of files.   Crew information must be manually entered.

The two demo workbooks are fully functional programs allowing you to test the program prior to purchasing the full ADP retail version.

An additional option for ordering our software is through SWREG (Digibuy), which provides secure online ordering options for Electronic Delivery of software.

Software minimum requirements:  
The APD and shareware files are customized Excel workbooks.
Required software is Windows 98SE, XP or greater; MS Excel (97, 2000, XP or greater) installed.

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